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     Maldives is for those who LOVE water. Correction – it is for those who love still blue, shallow waters by pristine white beaches…
Does that sound like you? Then why not just hop on a plane and go experience the magic of Maldives for yourself? Whether you are looking for that perfect honeymoon spot or a luxury but affordable island vacation, this is the perfect spot. This is the place where you can literally wake up over water!

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Why visit Maldives
Maldives is perfect combination of fun and romance – and there is something for everyone here. Be it for the honeymooning couple or for the adventure seeker, there is never a dull moment in this beach haven.
The waters in Maldives are super still and the only waves are made from the passing boats and seaplanes. Swimming in these crystal clear waters is like swimming in your own pool, except this is one giant “outdoor” swimming pool under the warm sun and surrounded swaying palm trees.
Did you know that the area covered by water today was actually land few years ago which is the reason for the shallow waters.

Maldivian cuisine is primarily sourced from the sea – which means that your fish is always fresh and the sheer variety available is incredible. Sip some delicious coconut water while you lounge about the beaches or enjoy the delicious fish snacks all day long.

Things to do:
Here are FIVE things you could do on your holiday here –
1.      Dive the Banana ReefA protected site and a must visit for divers – here under the overhangs and caves your chances of seeing the brilliant coral life and barracuda, morays, snappers and more are extremely high. Imagine the kind of picture you could come back with! There – we have given you another reason to get your diving license ready!  
2.      Go fishing and island hopping: The fish are friendly here – and even more so if you throw some bread at them! Go, catch your own fish. By night or day, this is a fun way to spend your time here. You could hook the big ones too! Get on a boat (usually provided by your hotel) and go from one beautiful island to another – all in a days work!
3.      Ride the whale submarine: Ideal for families with kids or non-divers.  
4.      Indulge your senses in a spa: How about some pampering in the Maldivian spas as the blue waters lull you into a gentle sleep?
5.      Visit the National Museum: Located in Male, this small museum hosts some fine collection showcasing the rich cultural heritage and history of the country. Many of the items here once belonged to kings and queens.
You can opt to take part in the complimentary water activities your resort will provide you-such as canoeing, stand-up paddling and snorkeling.

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Anjaly Thomas 
Lonely Planet Author, Traveler, Columnist

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