Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Things you didn't know about Oman - Muscat

Royal Opera House

Piercing the skyline of Muscat, the Royal Opera House is not only a centre of culture and art, it is also a beacon of new Oman. Breathing modern life into this ancient, and relatively secret city, the Opera House, built by Royal Decree, has propelled Oman onto the international arts scene.
Housed in a majestic building, which is a fusion of modern architectural techniques and ancient design it truly represents evolving Oman, and provides an evocative and fitting backdrop for some of the world’s greatest love stories, dramas and comedies to be brought to life. Imposing structures and rich interiors combined with a hint of traditional Arabic culture ensure you’re instantly carried away with mysticism and transported into the world of theatricality and art.

Mirroring His Majesty Sultan Qaboos' modern vision and ideals for the country, the Opera House hosts a wealth of performances, from intricate niche tales to large extravagant productions and is slowly receiving notoriety on the international stage. Welcoming famous shows such as Carmen, a passionate story of foolhardy love, seduction and comedy, and classic tales like Swan Lake, the Opera House is boosting Oman’s cultural offerings and diversity, adding to this already culturally rich tapestry.

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