Sunday, March 15, 2015

Greece Special Offer!

Travel to the miraculous Greece this summer and find the inner peace in it's scenic beauty!

Option 1: 3 Nights in Athens 
Explore the beautiful Athens, the European capital of culture & history. It offers a variety of cuisines along with it's wondrous Greek food, which is truly underrated. Athens boasts a vast selection of art galleries, fashion brands & artistically shops . Athens is also quite popular for its biggest outdoor beach parties and nightlife.

Option 2: 3 Nights in Athens & 2 Nights in Santorini
The island of Santorini is a truly magical & mystical place. It is reputed to have the most beautiful sunsets on Earth. Very popular destination for it's picturesque town , food & wine!

Option 3: 3 Nights in Athens & 2 Nights in Mykonos
Mykonos is the perfect tourist destination with it's iconic windmills, relaxing scenic views and most happening beach parties! It makes you want to stay there forever.

Our packages include Flights, Hotel stays, Transfers, Cruise Tours, Sightseeing & more! 

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